My favorite bags

Anyone who knows me knows if there’s one thing I love more than clothes and shoes its my handbags especially my thrifted bags. I honestly don’t know the exact number of bags I have but I definitely say I have over 20 bags and out of all of those I think only like two of my bags aren’t thrifted. Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite bags along with what I look for when I’m buying a bag

(PSA when I thrift I don’t pay attention to labels I buy what catches my eye and things I like so I don’t really have tips on how to find higher-end bags)

To start off when I’m lookin down the bag aisle there are three things I keep an eye out for, size, shape, and style. The three Ss. There are times where I don’t always follow this but its good to just have a guide of what I want.

When it comes to sizing I look for a bag that is either small or a medium I prefer bags that only fit the necessary things nothing more. I hate carrying around extra junk in my bags so the smaller the bags the better. I also like to change my bags out almost every time I change an outfit which is another reason I keep only the important things in my bags.

The shape of a bag is important, at least to me. I’ve noticed that I travel more toward bags that are a structured square shape, especially if they look like they can stand on their own quite literally. It’s just something about them that always draws my eyes to them. I have one of two baguette-shaped bags that I absolutely love and they are probably my most used bags. I’m not even gonna front though I didn’t know that the shape of the bags/the name of the bags was baguette until I binged watch sex and the city during the lockdown. 

Last but certainly not least (whatever that means) is style. Now when I say style I mean it in two ways, the style of the bag meaning if the bag is shaped oddly or there is a design on the bag, etc. i but I also mean how can I style this bag. I’m not gonna lie I have a few bags that I have yet to wear and I have absolutely no clue how to style them which is why now when I find a bag I have to be able to think about three items I have can put it with that I already have. I’ve had to pass on bags I found cute because the style just isn’t it where it covered in florals or the way the bag is arranged isn’t practical which hurts my little heart but it also saved me money and closet space. There are also certain styles I avoid like cross bodies, saddlebags, and anything big because they just aren’t my style and I just find them hard to style for myself personally.

I have so many more little bags from my wristlets to book bags i could show off by these here are all the bags I absolutely love.

Are you a bag person? Let me know in the comments and head over to instagram and use the #setyra to show me all your favorite bags

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