Since today is Valentines day, let’s talk about dating specifically my dating experience or lack there of. In my 20 years of life and 5 years of actually living I have never had a boyfriend.

(I say 5 years of living because to be 15 would have been the time most of the people I knew started dating) 

Dating has always scared me for many different reasons. In my Caribbean mothers eyes dating meant sex that it, it didn’t mean getting to know someone it just meant sex and babies and that alone scared me. Another reason I just have never dated was that my insecurities usually always caught up to me. I would start to question my looks, my body, even the way I talk, and eventually I told myself boys would reject me because of everything I thought of in my head.

NOW, however I think after months of working on myself, and thinking, I believe I am ready/prepared to enter the dating scene, how? I have no fucking clue. 

Considering we are in the middle of a pandemic it’s probably the worst time for me to get it into my head that I want to date but I think that if I don’t run with it now I will never get into it.

Don’t worry I plan on keeping you all updated but my podcast would probably hear it first. You can find “Away From Reality” on Spotify so go follow.

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