My 2021 wardrobe goals

2020 was my year when it came to branching out and trying out new styles. During lockdown and after, I spent time discovering stores, and brands that I love. To be honest I still don’t know my definite style, and I’m all over the place when it comes to the way I dress. But I wanted to share some of the pieces I plan to incorporate into my wardrobe this year.

Platform Shoes

Now I’ve always been a platform girl. I love platform shoes to the max, boots, sneakers, heels, if it’s high as hell sends them my way. In the past I’ve always been scared to wear my shoes out of fear of judgement but who gives a crap, so this year is the year I plan to embrace platforms.

Bright Colors

I tend to wear a some colors in summer and here or there in winter but I want to up my color game and incorporate a shit ton more into my wardrobe. I’ve noticed I tend to stay within the same color range, red, mustard yellows but I want to POP more this year with bright/pastel pinks, blues, orange and so on. 


In the past I have stayed away from prints out of fear of looking like someones couch but I’ve seen beautiful woman like Kelly from AndIGetDressed, and Jazzmyne wear so many bold different prints and looking hella gorgeous while doing it so why not give it a try.

Mini Skirts

Now I love and own a crap ton of long and flowy skirts and I will probably forever keep them but this year I am feeling mini skirts and won’t lie to you, I’ve already bought a few that I cannot wait to wear.


I want to be more adventurous when it comes to shoes and not stick to my dirty as hell thrifted air forces I’ve had for like three or four years. I definitely want to incorporate more heels into my wardrobe. I cannot tell you why but I’ve been obsessed with cowgirl boots so I done got me a pair. Also I desperately need to own a pair of flat chunky knee high boots.

I’m sure they will be more items I get and of course I’ll share but make sure to follow my insta because there you will see all my new purchases a lot sooner.

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