Stop Asking Why I Didn’t Go to A Fashion School


When I meet someone new and the topic of my major comes up, the question of why I didn’t go to an actual fashion school is never far behind.

When I decided to go back to school and I chose to stay in the college that I originally attended but, I knew there would be things I missed out on by not going to a school with a bigger fashion focus. The main reason I even went back to my OG school was because I had already had credits I knew I could put to use and to be honest financially going back to that school at that time made sense. 

Now however, I don’t know if the the reasons I gave myself were good enough reasons to miss out opportunities I would get from a fashion school and the things I would learn. 

Although my college does have fashion classes I don’t think I am learning enough to help me grow in my specific focus. If i wanted to be come a designer and own my own clothing boutique then maybe I would understand the courses but why am I, a wannabe stylist, taking three different drawing courses, and two different marketing courses. I’m not saying these aren’t relevant but where are the classes that teach me how to follow fashion trends, where are the courses that explain how to style based on color of item, and type of person.

I know it’s such a weird complaint because in retrospect I could just transfer to an actual fashion school or I could just teach myself these things. Lately, I’ve just been struggling with my thoughts and my own self doubts. I know I will make it in the fashion industry because that is what I want for myself. I know anything I want to learn I could learn by doing research and teaching myself but there are days I think: Did I play myself by taking the easy way out?

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