My favorite bathing suits for bustier girls

Let me start by getting personal and admitting that I am a size UK 34G. I have spent half my life in ill-fitting bras so I never thought I would be able to find actual flattering tow piece bathing suits. I have never enjoyed the looked of one-piece suits on my body just because of my boobs. I felt they always made me look really weird and I hated that, this year I was on a mission to find bathing suits that looked good but made me feel good. Here are a few I love:

I love this top! I was a little wary because I have bought from Aerie before and they didn’t hold the girls up well but since it has a high neck the girls are sitting perfectly. I got it in an XL.

I loved the print of this one and the style even though it was out of my comfort zone I went for it. I got this in an XL but I  think I could have gone up one more size

For my first time shopping on ASOS I was compelled to buy their bras because I discovered that they have a fuller bust section, but that was a mess. So when it came to buying bathing suits from there I was nervous but I wanted to give them another shot.

This bathing suit top is my dream, it has WIRE, which I know isn’t a must for everyone but for me, I feel most confident when my boobs are sitting up. I got a 36G.

I really liked these tops, even though I ended up returning them because I needed a bigger size that I never got around to ordering 

Weighing the two stores I would recommend Aerie if having a lift isn’t as important to you. But if you prefer to have wire and a lift then ASOS is the place for you.

links for the last two tops: ASOS DESIGN fuller bust picot trim crop panelled bikini top and ASOS DESIGN Fuller Bust Exclusive underwire wrap over bikini top

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