a few current trends i like

I know I did one of these a few months ago but trends change and plus there are so many different trends I didn’t cover.

Oversized blazers

Realistic oversized blazers never went out of style but these are definitely going to be around all summer and into the colder seasons 

Go-GO boot/knee high boots

I don’t know if it’s just me but I see gogo boots coming back just like the 60s mod dresses are coming back and I’m excited and I’m on the hunt for my very own white boots.

Midi dress

I love a cute midi skirt but a nice flowy midi dress paired, honestly just about everything is so cute. Don’t hate me but I am loving them with a cute wide leg jean.


Vest have been making their rounds but I think as we go deeper in the year, we will be seeing all different types of vest, not just knitted vest.

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